One Million Nights

The Age of Ragnarok Begins

Arriving in Vinland, the Sons of Thanos were swift to arrive at their stolen brother’s side. Once Eleftherios was awakened from torpor, he met with his estranged son, Orpheus. The group then met with Gaius Julius Caesar, who offered an allience and explained his interests in Vinland. Further, he would eventually reveal the greater scope of his plans: to return to Rome and overthrow the Christian vampires that stole his seat of power.

The Sons of Thanos quickly settled into life in Vinland, forging a shakey allience with Thorkell Liefsson by assisting him in establishing the settlement of Vinland. Bors, a longtime friend of Romulus, asked a favour: he asked if Romulus and his family would avenge him against the True Fae that had saddled him with the curse of being a Changeling. Romulus, ever a true friend, agreed.

Bartok, a former comrade of Acteon, revealed himself. Holding a grudge over his former brother in arms, Bartok made Acteon’s life less comfortable, eventually pushing Lucretia to convince Acteon to purge his secret. However uncomfortable Bartok made Acteon, the family still pursued him when he mysteriously disappeared.

They tracked Bartok deep into the woods, discovering the hidden sanctary of a Hunter known as Lexter, who had kidnapped and killed Bartok. They did battle with the Hunter, who wounded Acteon grievously, nearly giving him his final death. However, Lexter was defeated before delivering the killing blow. Later, Lexter would be killed by a fully healed Acteon.

Acteon then returned to the hunter’s cave and buried what remained of his former friend. Later that night, Bors died, giving in to the ravages of old age. As he died, he offered Romulus his hand, asking Romulus for his word that he would kill the True Fae that had brought him to this state.

Romulus agreed whole-heartedly, staying with his friend until Bors closed his eyes for one last time.



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