One Million Nights

The Story So Far...

Many centuries have passed since the fall of the Roman Empire. Since the retraction of Roman forces, Britannia has been a place of chaos. Broken to pieces by warlords, then united by Arthur, and broken again by his bastard son, the young nation is held together by the webs of vampire society. Secretly, undead princes work to bring their King’s vision of a united Brittannia to fruition. Meanwhile, there are those that would scheme for the fall of the King, while others look to destroy the entire race of vampires.

Since the departure of Mordred, Arthur’s bastard son by his sister Morgana, the creatures of myth and magic have been disappearing. No mage has been born for four centuries now, while the Dreaming has become more difficult for Changelings to enter. Werewolves prepare to go to war, but they know not what against.

The abduction of the vampire king heralds the beginning of a new age. It is an axe age, a sword age, an age for the wolves…



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