• Abu Inan "Chronos"

    Abu Inan "Chronos"

    A wizard that controls time.
  • Actaeon Son of Thanos

    Actaeon Son of Thanos

    A young man looking about 16 years of age physically, Actaeon has actually "lived" for centuries. Often dirty and always ready for a fight, this gangrel is a fierce warrior. He dresses to facilitate traveling through the woods and hiding in the brush.
  • Ibn Khaldun

    Ibn Khaldun

    A Young Ventrue that has become Prince.
  • Svetlana Ivanova "Queen of the North"

    Svetlana Ivanova "Queen of the North"

    A sorceress that is seeking her brother, and revenge.
  • Gaius Julius Caesar

    Gaius Julius Caesar

    You have seen this man before; his face so familiar, yet it must be impossible. He appears like a marble statue come to life: before you is Gaius Julius Caesar, former Emperor of Rome.
  • Janos


    Hidden deep in the rocky desert, the hermit Janos lives amongst feral creatures that resemble were-bats. Pouring over books filled with languages older than mankind, he is a wise enigma.
  • Lu Bu

    Lu Bu

    Seated on a red-haired horse and carrying a ji, the Great Master Lu Bu looks down on most vampires. It is not because he is haughty; it is because he truly is better than most.
  • Marcus Lycus

    Marcus Lycus

    Dressed in the manner of a Sultan, this pale man has a gaze which makes your heart quiver fearfully.
  • Matthias of Acre

    Matthias of Acre

    A righteous, Christian vampire
  • The Beast in the Mirror

    The Beast in the Mirror

    When the mirror shatters, you see dozens of reflections of him, each appearing as the Everyman of a differing culture. Though, when the mirror is melted, his true form begins to escape.
  • Thorkell Liefsson

    Thorkell Liefsson

    With lank strawberry blond hair falling into his face, Thorkell Liefsson gazes at you with piercing blue eyes. He grins insanely as his nails grow into fierce talons. "If I were you, I would run away," he suggests...