Actaeon Son of Thanos

A young man looking about 16 years of age physically, Actaeon has actually "lived" for centuries. Often dirty and always ready for a fight, this gangrel is a fierce warrior. He dresses to facilitate traveling through the woods and hiding in the brush.


Actaeon is the youngest of his siblings, the sons (and daughter) of Thanos. In his mortal life he was a soldier, specifically, a scout for the Roman army. He specialized in tracking enemy movements and relaying that information to his commanders, as well as setting up traps and ambushes for enemy patrols.

Actaeon’s vampiric sire was Loch, a powerful gangrel. Actaeon fully embraces (pun intended) what he has become. He always revered Diana, Roman goddess of the hunt, and now he has become a formidable hunter. The Beast that dwells within him is always there, and he enjoys that. Vampires of other clans often seek to repress or control the Beast, but Actaeon revels in it, which of course can be said of gangrel in general, but Actaeon believes in nature’s number one rule, “survival of the fittest”. The Beast is the ultimate expression of survival instict, and so what better way to survive nature’s game than come to terms with one’s own inner Beast?

Of his siblings Actaeon looks up to (in more ways than one) Romulus the most. A fellow gangrel and a mighty warrior, Actaeon not only identifies with Romulus the most, but he has never had any reason to doubt Romulus’ integrity. As for his other siblings he certainly respects Eleftherios, but over the past few centuries he has grown suspicious of how much he can really trust him, or for how long. Over the course of Actaeon’s life he has seen many rulers consumed by their power in one way or another. Whether he becomes obsessed with gaining more power, or he becomes ruthless in order to protect what he has, or he just goes mad, how long will Eleftherios stay honest? That is something that has weighed heavily on Actaeon’s mind these last few centuries. Of his brother and sister, Ignatius and Lucretia, he also worries. They are Mekhet, as was his father Maximus, and Maximus went completely mad with his “studies”. Will his brother or sister stumble down the same path?

Over the past few hundred years Actaeon has been spending more and more time out in the wilds. It has given him time to think, as well as time to hone his skill and get in touch with his inner hunter. He has learned to communicate with animals, and has ghouled a wolf he has named Juno. His brother Eleftherios has recently made it clear he would like the siblings to spend more time together, as they have all been spending a great deal of time away from each other the past couple centuries.

Actaeon Son of Thanos

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