Loch of Caledonia


Standing as a giant amongst men, Loch of Caledonia is intimidation made incarnate. A red, shaggy beard adorns his handsome face, accompanied by long tresses of hair that reach below his shoulders. He often has a gentle demeanor, but when violence needs to be done, he is a murdering machine. During the Roman conquest of Britain, he was often said to be the “Barbarian Achilles”.


Loch of Caledonia is the Prince of Caledonia, owing feud to Eleftherios, the King of Britannia. Long a chieftain amongst the Picts, he was embraced at a young age and groomed to be a leader long before the Roman incursion. Loch of Caledonia is a mysterious figure; the head of the Gangrel Clan, he had created a solidarity amongst the clan that few other clans of the Dark Ages had possessed.

Loch of Caledonia has shown a vested interest only in his homeland, seldomn interfering with happenings South of Hadrian’s Wall. He had a hand in the coup against the despot Sardis, and has held seats on the Senate as well as on the King’s Council. Of all vampires, Loch of Caledonia is the one most deeply entrenched in Vampire society. He holds the titles of Priscis of Gangrel, Clan Elder, Prince of Caledonia, Knight of the Realm, Councillor, Lord of the Six Tribes, and Steward of the Crown.

Loch of Caledonia’s current scheme seems to weave an intricate pattern, if it is a scheme at all. Some point to him as the mastermind behind Eleftherios’ abduction, citing his long connection to Magnus Maximus. Others think that he is plotting the genocide of clan Nosferatu. Little is known of his true intentions.

Loch of Caledonia has several childer. Acteon, Romulos, Tolland, and Hale Black are all aknowledged children of his blood. He has no surviving children of the flesh.

Loch of Caledonia

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