Gaius Julius Caesar

You have seen this man before; his face so familiar, yet it must be impossible. He appears like a marble statue come to life: before you is Gaius Julius Caesar, former Emperor of Rome.


Once the emperor of Rome, Gaius was assassinated by a group of Senators led by his illegitimate son Marcus Junius Brutus. In the throes of death, Gaius admitted to Brutus that he was Brutus’ father. Regretting his decision to join the assassination attempt and abandoned by his fellow Senators, Brutus called upon one of his servants who happened to be a vampire. The servant agreed to give Gaius the gift of eternal life; the servant realized what a boon it would be to have Caesar amongst the kindred, and decided to embrace him.

Gaius’ time in the necropolis was astonishing. Despite his youth in comparison to the vampire elders, he was able to rely on his eloquence and mortal experience in order to swiftly rise through the ranks of vampire society. When his sire decided that Gaius’ use had faded and that Gaius was a threat, he tried to get rid of the upstart. However, Gaius had furtively stolen all of his sire’s informants, retainers, and resources. Left with no clout, Gaius had an easy time of having his sire ostracized.

When the Christian way of life infiltrated Rome, it was the end of Gaius’ career in Rome. Vampires loyal to the Pope ousted Gaius much as he ousted his own sire. Sending him far from Rome, Gaius now thirsts for revenge. He has become irreligious, hating the Roman gods as much as the Christian one. His only current motivation is to amass new allies.

Gaius Julius Caesar

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