Lexter Grentsson comes from a long line of Geestgids, or spirit men, in the tribe of the Lake People. His family has always held the esteemed and somewhat feared position of metaphysical bridge between the humans and the supernaturals in the tribe. Lexter’s father, Grent, was highly respected in this position and tried to pass his knowledge and experience on to Lexter, with limited success. The information was taken in, but the tact and caution were not.

One night while out on a hunt, Lexter and his father encountered some unknown supernatural being, possibly associated with another of the tribes. The thing pulled Grent up into a tree and then dropped him moments later, dead. Lexter threw caution to the wind and tracked the thing through the woods, harassing it until it turned to fight. It dug its claws into his face and nimbly wrapped itself around Lexter, draining his will to live. Desperately Lexter called out for help to anything that would listen and suddenly found he was wreathed in purple flames. The creature, engulfed in flames, ran off into the night as Lexter noticed that some of his wounds had closed. Whatever this fire was, it did not scare him. It felt good.

He found his father and noticed he was still breathing slightly. Grent was still alive, but catatonic. Lexter carried him home and spent days praying to the spirits to heal him, to no avail. Over the next lunar cycle he became convinced the creature that attacked them was some sort of psychic vampire and that it was stalking him. He would hear whispers in the woods and see things out of the corner of his eye. Finally he became certain he was insane when a badger started following him, bearing markings on it in the same places as the scars from the vampires’ attack. It told him its name was Zondaar and it was his guardian spirit. Zondaar explained that the creatures’ attack had awoken powers deep inside Lexter, but that it had also left a part of its power in him. Lexter found that, amongst other things, he could drain the wills of living beings to replenish his own. He also learned to control the healing fires he could summon, but noticed it was a little harder to go without after each use.

Unbeknownst to others, he often patrolled the land around their tribal home, hunting the spiritfolk of the other tribes and honing his new powers. He came to learn how to track supernaturals by the trails of ill deeds left behind and even to chastise them with his words. When he could, he would capture the creatures with Zondaar’s help. He would interrogate them in his hidden lair, deep inside a cave, to learn about the vampire that attacked them. Sometimes he was a little over zealous in his questioning and often they knew nothing, but that didn’t stop him from trying.

Grent never came out of his sleep, so Lexter was forced to step into the role of Geestgids for the Lake People. He was standoffish because of his new powers, lest he accidently drain one of his tribesmen. Nonetheless he performed his duties to the best of his abilities and more than once protected them from the darker things in the night. Recently, an influx of new supernaturals have come into the tribe. Being that it is his duty to keep an eye on the numerous monsters in the tribe, no matter what sort of skin they wear, Lexter made himself known to them. Lexter has taken a liking to one in particular, young Drake. Drake is an odd kid, but he reminds Lexter of himself a little. Also, he’s rather helpful while out on the hunt some evenings. Young Drake is the only one, apart from Grent and Zondaar, who knows Lexter’s secret of hunting other supernaturals. However, not even Drake is trusted with entry into the cave while Lexter is performing an interrogation.

Lexter was killed after being discovered by the Sons of Thanos and engaging them in a suicidal battle. During the fight, Zondaar was destroyed, and Acteon was nearly killed. Drake found the marks left by Lexter’s fires, and delivered news of Lexter’s death to the elders. Finding the elders less receptive, Drake took this as a sign that something greater needed to be done against the vampires, and entered into a secretive alliance with the self-exiled werewolf known as Shadow Walker.


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