Marcus Lycus

Dressed in the manner of a Sultan, this pale man has a gaze which makes your heart quiver fearfully.


Marcus Lycus has never been of a great political bent; he has spent many years in Egypt researching the primitive culture of vampires in that ages-old land. Yet, recently, he has found himself forced into the political arena. With the rise of the Ayyubid dynasty, he has found that being a vampire has become a perilous situation. Rather than make himself an enemy of the state, and in order to continue his research, he has befriended the Islamic rulers and attempted to find a place for vampires within their belief system.

While he may never make the ruling sultans believe that vampires are not unclean, he has proven that they are an excellent source for information about the history of the world. Aside from this practical notion, Marcus has also appealed to the Muslim love of poetry; he has written several volumes of spiritual poetry and has encouraged many Devas to follow his example. With the purgation of Ventrue, Gangrel, most Nosferatu, and many elder vampires, several of the remaining vampires have rallied to Marcus as the bedrock of their society.

Marcus Lycus is the childe of Sardis, and by flesh is the uncle of Malleus. He is the husband of Lucretia.

Marcus Lycus

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