Lu Bu

Seated on a red-haired horse and carrying a ji, the Great Master Lu Bu looks down on most vampires. It is not because he is haughty; it is because he truly is better than most.


Known as one of the greatest warriors of China, Lu Bu had garnered a reputation as a fickle sort. Never content with his masters, he would flit from army to army like a bee flits from flower to flower. However, he made several enemies this way, and it proved to be his downfall, for when he was defeated by Cao Cao, Liu Bei reminded Lu Bu captor of Lu Bu questionable track record. Lu Bu was sentenced to death by strangulation.

With nothing but contempt on his lips for both Cao Cao and Liu Bei, Lu Bu refused to die. Legend says that his rage called up the Beast that lives in all men, and no rope nor sword could slay him. Upon his escape, he promised that revenge would come, but that it would be long in waiting.

Since then, Lu Bu has trained himself to become accustomed to his undying body and its many peculiar actions and reactions. When the Mongols swept through the Middle East, he assisted the greatest Khans with their battle plans. It was soon after that he discovered and joined the Order of the Dragon.

Lu Bu

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