Magnus Maximus


Magnus Maximus, of the clan Mekhet: sire of Lucretia and Ignatius. As a mortal, he was a great military leader. He was embraced in order to preserve his life, which was endangered from grievous wounds. Once a king of vampires, he was overthrown by Sardis, his former compatriot. After his children other threw Sardis, he became a member of the First Senate of Britannia circa 550 C.E..

During the reign of Sardis, he founded his own bloodline. In his endeavours to discover a new discipline, he became mad. He was obsessed with building an army. His intention was to drive the Saxons from Britannia, and then set his army on the road to conquest. However, his efforts were abated when confronted by the children of his flesh, many of whom he then disowned.

Magnus Maximus vowed to return, promising wrath. He disappeared from the historical record.

He is a known ally of Marcus Lycus and Loch. He is a respected member of the Circle of the Crone. He acknowledges Daedalus and Lucretia as his heirs and the children of his flesh. He acknowledges Lucretia and Ignatius as the children of his blood. He considers Eleftherios, Ignatius, and Acteon bastards.

Magnus Maximus

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